Experience the untamed beauty of the Graftonian — a secluded 60 acre retreat just east of Toronto.

There is space in this tranquil setting, deeply infused with nature’s vibrant energy, to explore, discover and transform. Come, step out of the ebb and flow of daily life to discover the power and peace of nature connection.


A full day of self-care through Transformational Nature Connection, including a guided Nature and Forest Therapy Practice, a farm-to-table lunch and more…

two day retreat

Deepen the retreat experience and nature connection with a two-day retreat. 
Nearby iconic inns and B&Bs provide unique accommodation experiences.


Connecting with nature on a personal level provides an opportunity to glimpse the world through different eyes. There comes a certain clarity that is refreshing, exhilarating and grounding all at once. Intuition sharpens, insights arise. As we convene to each sharing circle there are ‘aha’ moments that occur in the presence of the supportive warmth of like-minded community.


The Healing Power of Trees
Forest Therapy

The Healing Power of Trees

Forest Therapy, also known as forest bathing, is an ancient technique practiced by cultures all over the world. In Japan, where it is used as

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“leelah” adjective [lee-lah]  definition: playful; lighthearted; joyous.   A youthful mind is playful and lighthearted. It laughs easily, genuinely and with abandon. Play and recreation

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About Sally Staples

Sally has spent most of her professional life in the health and wellness industry. In 2012, her growing interest in the benefits of mindfulness practices led Sally to study with Deepak Chopra, becoming a certified Chopra Vedic Educator for Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation programs. While teaching she began to witness the power of practicing outdoors in a natural setting. This led Sally to the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy where she became a Certified Guide. 

Sally’s personal journey on her path of self-exploration and self-awareness has been rich in life’s lessons with its highs and lows, ultimately leading to shifts that have been truly life-changing. It is from this viewpoint that she came to her true purpose, and has developed the skills to guide others on the path to transformation through nature connection. Sally now shares her experience through guided day retreats at The Graftonian, building a Nature Connection Community on a foundation of gratitude, compassion, empathy, vulnerability and trust. 

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