About Sally Staples


This special piece of land and a passionate group of individuals combine to create the retreat team. Together the people and the place provide a retreat experience that is not only memorable, but truly transoformational. Each member of the team brings a unique offering that, when synthesized together, creates a deep nature connection experience — both internally and externally. 


You feel the welcoming energy on arrival, you belong.
In wisdom traditions, it is understood that nature is the therapist. This serene re-wilded property is nestled in the rolling hills of Northumberland County on the shores of Lake Ontario. With shady groves of cedar and pine, lakefront bluff vistas, a smooth stone beach — you will be drawn to your own special spot for a deep nature connection. An inviting open-concept home created from the timbers of a local Victorian-era barn holds its own unique energy — paying tribute to the area’s rich agricultural heritage. Vegan lunches and snacks are prepared by a local caterer usging ingredients grown and produced on nearby farms. Locally foraged wildflower arrangements and bespoke aromatherapy round out the multi-sensory experience.



Growing up in rural Ontario, Sally found great solace in connecting with nature — this happened organically and was deeply healing. Since then, Sally has spent most of her professional life in the health and wellness industry. In 2012, her growing interest in the benefits of mindfulness practices led Sally to study with Deepak Chopra, becoming a certified Chopra Vedic Educator for Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation programs.  

While teaching she began to witness the power of practicing outdoors in a natural setting. Amazing shifts began to take place among her students — deeper insights, more meaningful experiences and longer-lasting results. This led Sally to the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy where she became a Certified Guide. Thus, coming full circle back to her roots finding peace and happiness in nature.

Sally’s personal journey on her path of self-exploration and self-awareness has been rich in life’s lessons with its highs and lows, ultimately leading to shifts that have been truly life-changing. It is from this viewpoint that she came to her true purpose, and has developed the skills to guide others on the path to transformation through nature connection. Sally now shares her experience through guided day retreats at The Graftonian, building a Nature Connection Community on a foundation of gratitude, compassion, empathy, vulnerability and trust.

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