leelah goat yoga

leelah goat yoga

Everything in natures resonates with the force of the Divine spirit. When we practice Mindful Yoga in the presence of these adorable little goats, staying fully present through breath and mindful movement, a natural integration with their playful, joyous spirit evolves.

Every animal has it’s own movements and postures. Adopting the guise and movements of an animal is a way of awakening to it’s essence and the spirit manifesting through it. The door opens to a deeply healing experience.

As we shape shift in this way, we stretch and strengthen our imagination. We begin to master the art of observation, looking for what we can learn from these open, loving beings.

For example, their knowledge of how to climb and jump teaches us how to trust in our ability to land on our own feet. The flexibility of their skeletal system teaches us to stretch and reach for new goals. The goat energy of balance and sure-footedness can help us regain perspective and life balance when difficulties pull us back.

Above all they remind us how good it feels to let loose, laugh, and have fun. All animals love to play…and so do we!

P.S. leelah is the Sanskrit word for playful!   


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